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The King Returns to Camelot

1960 -1963

Elvis is back from the Army and has returned to an America that is pitted in a Cold War with the Soviet Union, hoping to stop the spread of communism both on this planet and beyond.​ But while the world wonders if there will be a tomorrow, Elvis is in Hollywood, embracing his career as a movie star, taking us on virtual vacations with his box-office hits GI Blues, Blue Hawaii, and Fun in Acapulco.


The King of The Silver Screen

1964 -1967

Elvis is King of Hollywood! With formulaic scripts, foreign destinations that he never visited, and lots of Girls, Girls, Girls, the movies are becoming more of a chore and bore for Elvis. However, Elvis still a box-office draw to his devoted fans, even though he still has yet to find that serious role that he's been longing for. And, wedding bells are on the horizon for The King! 


The Age of Change

1968 -1969

Anti-war protests, rioting, and assassination were buzzwords in a time when great change was spreading worldwide. From the streets of Memphis, to Vietnam through the Summer of Love and to the moon and back, you'll go on a musical journey with The King. Music from his famous 1968 Comeback Special, the soulful From Elvis in Memphis album, and his triumphant return to

Las Vegas in 1969 will be highlighted.

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