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Our Mission

We believe in the Power of "E" : Education + Entertainement = Empowerment. By implementing this formula, Elvistory uses music, storytelling, and historical moments in the life and times of Elvis Presley to bring a top-notch musical lecture to our audiences!

So what is Elvistory


For those of us growing up in the 1990s, VH1 Storytellers and MTV's Unplugged showcased musical superstars when they got rid of the heavy distortion, the amplifiers, and "unplugged" to enjoy their music in it's raw form. They shared their stories, some poignant moments from their touring days, and of course, the highlight was the music. Essentially it was a "Jam Session" in front of dozens of fans.


Back in 1968, Elvis Presley originated the live storytelling showcase with a bunch of his friends and band members in a show for NBC special titled Elvis. This was his "comeback" to live performing after years of making movies in Hollywood. 


Elvistory focuses on Elvis's music, memories from his life, and the historical moments that shaped our world, and how the events had an impact on the music of the day. 


Elvistory isn't just an Elvis Tribute Show - it's a history lesson! Our "Elvis-torian" guides you through 2 - 3 year time periods in U.S. and World history, touching upon key moments that shaped our planet today. Each "lesson" is accentuated with moments and memories of Elvis' own life, relating how the man and his music were influenced by the issues and events of the times. 


Elvistory is equipped for the 21st century audience,  utilizing powerful images and imagery, perfoming stirring, soulful songs that correspond with the time period the edition is focused on, and employing showmanship that is engaging and can only come from the most powerful character in the entertainment industry!


Each Elvistory edition empowers students, young and old, to find their voice, follow their dreams, and to never give up. Elvis' rags-to-riches story is a powerful tool in building self-esteem and character, while his days as a superstar is a study in confidence and charisma.

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