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It's every teacher's nightmare - how to relate historical facts and events to the modern student. Let's face it, memorizing historical dates and moments in history in a book is downright boring for today's student. Even interactive tablet apps don't seem to make them want to learn more about the topic. And as educators, you want your class to be just as excited about the topic as you are.


And for your arts teachers, all over the country, arts programs are suffering or being cut altogether from schools. Are you finding today's music student more engaged in becoming the latest fifteen-minute YouTube sensation rather than becoming a music legend or a valuable member of the arts community? Feeling that your chorus or band students need some musical inspiration. Perhaps the cast of the upcoming school musical needs a theatrical boost towards building their craft as future actors, directors, and playwrights.


With Elvis Unplugged, we bring history to life in your classroom or assembly. Our "Elvis-torian" gives a lesson that your students will want to remember!


  • Each edition of Elvis Unplugged focuses on a particular time period in world history and relates it to the history being made today!

  • By implementing music, multimedia, and live performance your classroom turns into a "living documentary" from the 1950s, 1960s, or 1970s.

  • No mundane lectures, no cheesey powerpoint presentations, no reciting of quotes from scholarly sources - Elvis is your rock 'n' roll professor!

  • It's like having a Master Class with the King of Rock 'n' Roll himself!




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